Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow

Tree Plantation


In a world grappling with rising temperatures and environmental crises, Oasis Park emerges as a seed of hope. This comprehensive blog delves into the urgency of climate change, the pivotal role of expanding forest cover, and how Oasis Park’s visionary mission aims to offset carbon emissions through tree planting. Join us in sowing the seeds of a greener tomorrow!

The Urgency of Climate Change

As the intense heat of the scorching sun embraces us, the gentle murmurs of the earth and the thunderous roar of our oceans ring bells in our ears. Signifying an urgent need of the hour to take heed to global warming and climate change. The current CO2 levels and their exponential growth in the last few decades have brought about an ever-greater effect on our planet and all its inhabitants. But there is still a way out and hope – a power strategy that can curb these effects and make a difference: expanding forest cover.

Our Vision & Mission

At Oasis Park, our mission is clear and lies around the central idea of capturing CO2. We aspire to offset 1.4 million tons of carbon dioxide annually by planting 60 million trees in arid desert areas around the globe. Since our inception, Oasis Park has received an overwhelming response and support from Indian communities worldwide, now is the moment to return the favor.

Sowing Seeds of Support

To the great people of India, we continue to give back and extend our gratitude towards you by planting the seeds of your support to Oasis Park. Each week, we plant about 500 trees in different parts of India in 19 locations including but not limited to Pachala, Mohali, Sangrur, Bathinda, and Gurdaspur. Oasis Park boasts an astounding 51,800 trees planted in just 103 weeks. These trees collectively mitigate 1.2 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions annually. It is no doubt that your unwavering support has fueled our efforts.

Rooting for a Greener Tomorrow!

That’s not it, our tree plantation not only goes beyond the environmental impact but also strengthens the ecological and community resilience of many villages in India. Every tree that we plant contributes to a cooler earth and leaves a legacy for future generations. We invite you to join us in planting the seeds of tomorrow TODAY.

Together we can make our planet greener and more sustainable.


The fight against climate change is a collective endeavor, and your support can sow the seeds of a greener future. By joining Oasis Park, you contribute to a cooler, more sustainable planet for generations to come. Let’s root for a better tomorrow, today.


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