Oasis Park’s Vision for a Greener, Carbon-Free UAE: Insights from EEG’s 4th Panel Discussion

The 4th Panel Discussion, organized by Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), has invited Ralph Martin, the founder of Oasis Park, and Wella Mañabo, a marketing expert and environmentalist, to convene with other industry executives, innovators, and thought leaders and discuss different subjects under the theme of “Integrating Stakeholder Alliances: To a Carbon-Free UAE.” The event, which took place on October 30, 2023 at the Two Seasons Hotel and Apartments, explored the significant progress made in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) towards decarbonization and sustainability.

The significance of establishing partnerships and collaborations to expedite decarbonization endeavors was emphasized during the panel discussion, which was joint-sponsored by the Swiss Business Council, Arabia CSR Network, and EmiratesGBC

Setting the stage for the panel discussion, Mrs. Habiba Al Mar’ashi, co-founder and chairperson of EEG, emphasized the importance of sustainability and the UAE’s leading role in driving the global transition to a carbon-free future. As the host of Expo 2020 and the next COP 28, the UAE, in line with Sustainable Development Goal #17 or partnerships for the goals, has a unique chance to foster global cooperation and promote climate action

Among the primary subjects discussed were the need for a cohesive strategy for sustainability, the role of government policies in offering incentives for decarbonization, and methods for successfully involving stakeholders. Students, public servants, business executives, and media representatives participated in a conversation to exchange viewpoints and pose relevant questions.

Throughout the panel discussion, Ralph Martin’s passion for environmentally friendly procedures and sustainable practices was evident as he discussed the visionary aim of Oasis Park, particularly when he emphasized how important it is to use renewable energy sources and atmospheric water generators (AWGs) to achieve a carbon-free, ecologically sustainable UAE.

Aside from Mr. Martin, prominent individuals also participated in the panel discussion on accelerating decarbonization efforts, educating the public, and overcoming obstacles to achieving net-zero goals. Among the distinguished speakers were Mr. Chris Wood, CEO of RAK Gas, Mr. Ali Makki, CEO of Kilimanjaro Energy Group, and Ms. Farah Yassine, Senior Manager at PwC.

For his part, Mr. Martin imparted a profound outlook during the panel discussion to establish a carbon-neutral and environmentally sustainable UAE: “Planting trees is not just about having a palm tree somewhere. What we really have in mind is forests, areas where you can go and experience. And the main reason is to save or store the CO2. In this area, we can plant around about 60 million trees.”

The significance of reforestation initiatives in carbon sequestration is emphasized in this quotation, which embodies Oasis Park’s dedication to environmental preservation. Martin stresses the importance of large-scale endeavors in addressing climate change by emphasizing the establishment of expansive forested regions as opposed to individual trees.

One of Oasis Park’s initiatives in the field of environmental preservation is its collaboration with O! Millionaire. Apart from the O! Millionaire Grand Prize, which reaches astounding amounts, O! Millionaire also proudly demonstrates its steadfast dedication to safeguarding the environment and sustainability. Oasis Park’s ambition to make the world greener has seen a significant pace thanks to the combined efforts of participants and the monetary support received through Green Certificates and the O! Millionaire Shop. The establishment of the world’s first-ever self-sustaining green sanctuary is Oasis Park’s grand ambition, and these significant contributions are essential to its accomplishment.

This collaboration establishes a standard for revolutionary environmental projects by using renewable energy sources and cutting-edge technologies that can produce water out of thin air, opening the door to a future of ecological balance and revitalized landscapes. This is part of achieving Oasis Park’s goal which is based on the core ideals of environmental care and community service.

All in all, both individuals and organizations may take part in the global effort to slow down climate change by implementing initiatives like what Oasis Park does. Together, they can have a substantial impact on the battle against climate change and build the groundwork for a more sustainable future by cooperating and upholding the values of environmental stewardship and citizen engagement.

The EEG’s 4th Panel Discussion served as a platform for collaboration, information sharing, and coordinated efforts to create a sustainable, carbon-neutral future for the United Arab Emirates as well as the whole world. As we strive toward our goal of Net Zero 2050, Oasis Park and similar projects serve as excellent examples of how teamwork and inventiveness may successfully conserve the environment for future generations.

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  1. It’s truly inspiring to see the dedication and innovation showcased by Oasis Park and the EEG in their efforts towards a greener, carbon-free UAE.

    Congratulations to Mr. Martin and his team for their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Let’s support and celebrate such initiatives for a more sustainable future. 🌟

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